Every Single Spark Matters

Our own feed holds projects we've done independently, and occasionally other things we'd like to share with you.

We've just release our first stand-alone independent episode, a little gift of a script called Violet's Study. You can find the transcript here.

For a complete list of each of our projects, please feel free to look at our individual websites (Sawyer, Caroline, and Evan). Here, we want to highlight a few of the ways we're nurturing creativity in ourselves and others.

Audio Fiction

Audio drama - fiction released as podcasts - is where we currently focus our efforts. The following is a list of shows we've created:

  • Crossing Stars*

  • Hughes & Mincks: Ghost Detectives (With Sophie Hughes)

  • Light Hearts (with Tal Minear)

  • Quiver: A Collection*

  • Scary Stories for Modern Minds

  • Seen and Not Heard


  • Surreal Love* (with A.R. Olivieri)

  • This Planet Needs a Name (with Trace Callahan)

Video Fiction

Through short videos, Sawyer brings characters - both well-known and original - to life. His video content can be found:

  • on his Tiktok

  • YouTube content coming soon!

*currently in production, unreleased